Range Lake Trail |Yellowknife NT | Family Photography

Your story that embodies your lifestyle. I wanted to share a bit about what a lifestyle story session is. I feel like a lot of photographers throw around the term "lifestyle" but we don't really know what it means. Dictionary lifestyle definition is: the way in which a person or group lives.  Bingo!  Person(you)  and Group(family) in which you live. I kinda love that actually. To be honest, when I first started shooting and I was drawn to this type of photography, I didn't know how to achieve it. How do those photographers get all those beautiful "unposed" images. I tried and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. So I studied it, I obsessed over it, I even went to a workshop and learned it! Then I put it all together into a little package called "A lifestyle story" of what I love, what I see and what Im drawn to, so its uniquely my art and uniquely yours. 

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We met at the Range Lake trail head in which I was surprised they actually knew this place taking into consideration they weren't from town. The Range Lake trail is one of my favourite places to spend time. Its one of the first little trail systems I discovered here in yellowknife accidentally actually as I was out walking my dog and I often visit it a few times a week. I think its an older trail and not as heavily used as some of the newer spots around Yellowknife. (hence why i love it) I have actually met many long time Yellowknifers who have never been on this trail and are always  pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is. For me it has the perfect amount of trees, path, rock and water. Like I said I spend a lot of time on it so I know each little spot and where I like to stop to take a photo. 

yellowknife family photography-1.jpg

The session was scheduled for a bit later in the  evening then I would typically shoot with such small children and Catherine expressed a bit of apprehension about the excitement around the traveling and the later bedtime for her kids. I assured her I would do my best and it will be great. They arrived combing hair, bouncing the baby on their hip and wiping faces as we said our introductions and a quick hello  all while their 2 year old face plants straight in the gravel on the lot. I turned my attention to the 2 oldest kids age 2 and 5, for I know by now that kids run the show and if they arnt having a good time then no body is having a good time. Plus, Im a parent myself of 2 very energetic often too crazy boys and parents everywhere be known I have been thought it all. 


The curve of the trail with the beautiful views along the way were a great way to keep the whole family, interested and engaged as we moved along. We chatted and I snapped photos, the kids played and I snapped some more photos.  Im looking for moments and connection between the family members. We spent about 1hour 20mins together on this little trail. We stopped at a few of my favourite spots were I knew I could get some beautiful lighting with the shadows in the trees. But we mostly kept moving, the kids were excited to explore and I wanted them to  just be themselves and  have a good time, no pressure. .