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Top 5 questions I get about Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Its September in Yellowknife and well winter is around the corner. Soon will be the days of warm lights, cozy blankets and wool socks. So what does this mean for newborn sessions? It means we head inside to your home space guys. Wait, say what? You don’t know what a lifestyle newborn session is yet? Let me break it down for you and answer a few of my top questions and concerns I get asked. Let me also say this is based on my view and my business and what works for me and my clients.


what usually comes up…


1. My house is not photo ready. I don’t think we will have anywhere that looks good.

Fact is nobody’s is. Especially if you are already 1,2,3 kids in, life is busy and most of us don’t have a perfect home, I sure don’t so I don’t expect you to either. I really only need 1-2 places in your home with good light. Usually its the living room or master bedroom. But it could really be anywhere, we get creative! Thats half the fun of it. I can recall 2 times in the dead of winter with minimal light we shot the entire session on the floor in front of the patio door. But you cant tell that in my photos can you?

2. Do you have props? Can I use my own props?

No and maybe. So im a Lifestyle newborn photographer meaning, I want to shoot your lifestyle. Nothing wrong with props its just not my thing and to be honest I suck at setting them up and placing your baby in them, on them around them, I don’t know it gives me anxiety. I prefer to use neutral colours, pattern textiles and you to frame your newborn. You will be holding your newborn majority of the time and placing them where we decide would be a good spot, I have my camera to hold you have your baby to hold and thats usually the way it happens. With all of that being said I don’t mind if you have a few items or pieces you would like to some how incorporate. Just know that if you have envisioned your baby suspended in the air in perfect poise and fern leaves radiating out from their bottom, im not your girl for this. I do have a “lifestyle” bag and bring it along with me to most sessions. It has a few neutral wraps some Haylani Apparel head bands and Honest Co. diapers.

3. Can I invite extended family over for the photos?

This is is a bit complicated and it depends from family to family also your home! Is your home or space we will be shooting in with the best light be enough to line the whole extended family up for a group shot? Most homes arn’t so be mindful of this guys. My approach to shooting in your home with your newborn is story based. I try to capture the real life and details of all the new freshness of your little family. I find that especially when you have toddler age siblings they can be the most affected by the extra people around. I find they connect less with the baby, their parents and yes my camera too. This can throw off the session and we likely won’t get those connection based images. However, it has worked in the past with older children as long as the visitors arrive and settle before I do. So please use caution and think about the type of photos you are wanting to achieve, Im also also available to talk and plan out the session intact I encourage the conversation.

4. Do you do breastfeeding images?

Yes. And I would love to.

5. I have these ideas from Pinterest can use them?

Ok so I love when my clients have ideas and suggestions but please keep in mind that my work is going to be different then anyone else’s. This is especially true in home sessions, when we are working with natural light, different home furnishings, outfit choices, even the time of year. Ill do my best to work with your ideas but keep in mind I have a specific mood to my images and style and that is going to naturally come through in all my work.


Things to remember..

every session, every photo, every baby is unique, Its minimal, its comfortable and its a lot of fun!!!