Shave for the Brave | Yellowknife, NT | Ravens Night Club

Barbara reached out to me a few weeks ago and told me about her dear father John and her family. She told me about a fundraiser and asked if I would be apart of this experience and tell a bit of their story. I met with Barb and her family one Saturday afternoon to grab a quick before shot of the family. I instantly fell in love with the bunch. Barbara answered the door bouncing her baby on her hip and immediatly started apologizing saying the whole family is late, while her wonderful parents greeted me kindly and shook my hand while thanking me. A moment later sibling after sibling flew through the door in a furry and all the sisters retreated to the bedroom to fix make-up and change outfits. Eventually we made it onto the deck and the love, energy and Newfoundland accents poured out as they teased one another and hugged their parents fondly. 

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Their story

   John Smith was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer just before Christmas. John and his wife have lived a beautiful full life together raising 6 incredible kids including my friend Barb. They are strong, tight knit and loving.  Within weeks of hearing Johns diagnoses they decided to act and diligently got to work on a fundraiser. So on April 28,2018 all the Smith kids ,family and many friends shaved their heads to raise awareness of esophageal cancer. In all their efforts they also raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society and to help offset some of the costs their parents will incur during this battle.  {please visit their page on Facebook Shave for the brave for more information on the proceeds of the night} To see this incredible community rally around this beautiful family was heart warming. The crowd was cheering, crying, applauding the volunteers as they took their place among the talented hairdressers and barbers just in front of the stage.  But the whole room came to to a stand still as the Smith sisters took their places at the front, they held each others hands and hearts as their hair fell to the floor. The moment after was one of those once in a lifetime witnesses as the family gathered in the middle of the floor with their newly shaved heads and just held each other , the entire room was in tears and the love and energy must of been radiating through that place.  Heres a few moments of the night and just a bit of their story...