An Intimate Wintery Elopement | Yellowknife Wedding Photography

When Lara reached out to me to capture their romantic elopement I was floored and beyond excited for them. I had met Lara and Jeremy a few weeks prior when we did a Family shoot with their 2 senior dogs and Baby. Laras Husky Mooka was not doing to well and they feared he wouldn’t have much longer. They were two of the kindest, sweetest people and shared details of their life and story as we worked through the session. They told me about how their dogs had some how brought them together so what an honour to capture the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a beautiful new one.

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So they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, but i wonder what they say about snow? The ceremony was set at a beautiful intimate spot on back bay. It was a vey private, so much so, they asked me to be a witness! Oh gosh yes! and Thank you. They had their home intimately decorated to welcome friends back to later to join in on their celebrations. We arrived at back bay slightly after 230pm. The weather was milder then usual and we were experiencing the ever magical hoarfrost. About a minute into the ceremony it began to snow, they had wrote their vows and smiled and laughed at each other as Jeremy bounced a less then enthused Liro throughout. It was beautiful, honest and romantic. Thank you Lara and Jeremy you are dream clients and friends. I wish you happiness and love!