A Family Song in Yellowknife, NWT

I started chatting with Beth through email just before Christmas. We had discussed her thoughts about a little family session sometime early January. She was hoping for one of those elusive warm days  that can sometimes happen up here in North. As I reached out to her a few days before our scheduled shoot,  the tempature was not looking good. She expressed she was a bit dissapointed we couldn't shoot outside and didn't know what to expect for a "home session". Well I gave her my usual spew of what to expect and told her not to clean her house.

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 Sunday morning I was greeted at the door by beautiful expectant mama Beth with a warm smile and the sweetest girl spinning circles in the corner while Tim tried to shush the dogs upstairs.   I took a look around and thought OMG, these guys...yes... they are creatives, artists my people. I immediately noticed these large colourful paintings framed by equally beautiful instruments. A guitar carefully placed in the corner, large windows pouring morning light on colourful pillows laid on cozy couches.  I didn't know Beth very well yet, but I could image sipping tea from one of her beautifully crafted pottery mugs she made in her studio out back and listening to music like old friends. 

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Grab your guitar please... 

and our session went a little something like that.