The heart beat of our day | Yellowknife NT Day in the life Family Photography


One day, I won't remember how my 4 year old has a melt down everytime I turn off the TV and say its time to get ready. Or the amount silly shenanigans that go down every morning while they fumble through their room picking out clothes for the day.  The way my sweet 6 year old boy leaves masses of crumpled up paper creations through our home as he finds his writing skills. The tears, the laughs the dirty faces and piles of laundry are fleeting. They might seem unimportant to some but I promise you these moments are beautiful and authentically yours.   

This day I chose to freeze time. I tried to cheat a little and steal some of my precious babies time. I told them they didn't have to go to school today, but I had a special day planned. The each got to choose an activity  and we set out to do it. I documented our moments real and rawly for what it was. They chose their own outfit, we didn't keep time and they  did what they wanted to do, nothing staged, nothing prompted, just life.