Newborn Home Session Yellowknife, NWT


The Art

Of A Newborn Home Session In Yellowknife, NWT

I feel like I reached a new level with this home session. This was our 4th shoot working together and we were past first introductions and comfortable with each other. I knew and understand their boys personalities and quirks and was happy to play along with them. Robert and Amanda were a dream team couple. Smoothly moving through their parental duties and every so often stopping for a small intimate moment between them and their sweet newborn baby girl.  Amanda so effortlessly caressed her newborn as she played and entertained the boys. While Robert was the perfect partner and freely joined in to the boys games and handily offered support wherever needed. Amanda's father was in town visiting and created the perfect oppurtunity to snap a few relaxed portraits as Grandpa and his 3 grandchildren. This is a small bit of their story and the art of a new born session. 


The Real Story

I never stop shooting during our time together. I believe the  real moments and memories that sometimes mean the most come when you least expect it. 


A real moment 

is born when we are not prompting or enticing.